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Tyndall Tuner
ㅇㅏㅌㅣㅇㅓㄴㅅㅡ_ㅅㅏㅈㅣㄴ ㅌㅏㅂㅕㄹㅅㅏㅈㅣㄴㄱㅘㄴ_by tabial_
ㅇㅏㅌㅣㅇㅓㄴㅅㅡ_ㅅㅏㅈㅣㄴ ㅌㅏㅂㅕㄹㅅㅏㅈㅣㄴㄱㅘㄴ_by tabial_

Tyndall Tuner

resonance apparatus, DC motor, LED light, Arduino, electronic device

192*167*920 (mm) 15ea_ variable installation



Artience Daejeon Festival 2019

The winner of the Grand Prize award for the installation section by the ART ASIA 

Tyndall Tuner is a musical instrument that occupies the space through sound. Interacting with audiences, this sound player translates the space’s air and frequency of light into visual and audio. Essentially, it is an analog instrument that does not have speakers but vibrates metal strings with the magnetic field formed by the spinning magnetic disc. The resonant frequency of the property of it is how it plays. The range changes according to the environment such as its temperature, flow of time, kinetic energy of the player which is floating in the air. The variation created as a result of mechanical operation and magnetic field, a physical and natural phenomenon, is played throughout the space.

Adopting basic approaches that are often overlooked, Tyndall Tuner is an attempt to find an equilibrium of the physical, analog sound fluctuating depending on the ambience with the electronic and digital elements that absorb the vibration and bring tension to the space.


Commissioned by 
Artience Daejeon 2019 
Daejeon Culture and Arts Foundation

@Daejeon Artist House 
Support received from 
Daejeon Metropolitan City 
Arts Council Korea 
La France en Corée - Ambassade de France à Séoul Institut Français de Séoul 
Cooperation with 
Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials 
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science 
Video Documentation 
Goh Jeong Kyun

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