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Listening Device for Sensing the boundary layers of the Unknown

Listening Device for Sensing the boundary layers of the Unknown

In-ear earphone, Bella mini, LED lights, e-sigarette bettery, microphone, electronic device

150*100*100 (mm) 5ea_ variable installation



Sonic acts Biennale in Hague, Netherland 2024

Sensing the boundary layers of the Unknown focuses on studying the turbulent patterns that are taking place in outdoor settings and sensing and articulating them through audio and sonic mediums. Through developing a listening device and making an instrument modeling acoustic radar, we will speculate what turbulence would sound like in its physicality and materiality within our surroundings.

This listening device, designed by expanding the telescope, observes the surrounding environment and translates that vision into auditory perception. The presentation space, HETHEM, once a former weapons factory, now serves as a multifaceted cultural space offering artistic studios, exhibitions, performances, etc. The overall form of the listening device is a visual metaphor for the environment. Ultimately, this device detects unstable phenomena and encourages attention to the surrounding environment.

Commissioned by
Sonic Acts


Developed and made with

Mint Park


Robin Morabito

Jiyoung Wi

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