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Resonant tool pieces

Resonant tool pieces

resonance apparatus, DC motor, LED light, Arduino, electronic device,

1800*600*750(mm) 3EA, variable installation,



Artience Daejeon Festival 2021

Kim Jung Un is an artist who looks for the lack of senses in the rapidly changing technological society through the changes in the recognition of the people that we encounter in our daily living. Just as animals and plants develop their own senses, the artist induces non-routine experiences through our five senses by combining the tools that we use daily and a physical frequency reproduction device. The artwork, ‘Resonant tool pieces,’ is a sensory assistant artificial supporter that enables one to accept the environmental sound that is not usually recognized, through the objects that assist human actions and that are closely related to human life.
The daily objects allow the spectators to experience the reversal of our five senses in the spaces that are blocked by light and darkness, and our body naturally uses other senses to accept the scientific phenomena. The objects that occupy the space through the sound guide the spectators to the actions represented by ‘hearing’ or ‘eating,’ and the table equipped with a magnetic resonance device assist the spectators to feel the resonance that the place has. The experiences depending on the place and the expansion of the senses provide the individuals with different meanings between the spectators and the space. The space may look empty, but it is not in the state of nonexistence. The correlation between the space and the memory has a significant impact on the recognition of the senses.

Commissioned by
Artience Daejeon 2021
Daejeon Culture and Arts Foundation
@Daejeon Artist House

Support received from
Daejeon Metropolitan City
Arts Council Korea


Cooperation with
Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology

Video documentation
JaeYeong Park

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