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Time Zone #002

Time Zone #002 


stainless steel, aluminum, ac motor

1.3m x 1.3m x 1.8m



Daekyo International Symposium

Owned by the Daekyo Culture Foundation

As time flows at different speeds depending on the person and situation, one’s attempt is conveyed unpredictably because each individual’s relativistic time runs at a different speed. We are physically on the Earth but we may share the same senses in different times: it is daytime in Seoul while it is dawn in Hague. My time seems to stand still but the other’s time may flow quickly. Developed from Time Zone #001, this work represents the concept of time difference with the hands of a clock rotating from top to bottom as a medium of relativity in a three-dimensional space. This work of kinetic art is a three-dimensional interpretation of the overlap of several clocks with the hands of a clock referring to different time. It appears as a clock whose shadow spreads across the floor. 

Time Zone #001

Time Zone #001


stainless steel, steel, aluminum, AC motor

2.25m x 2.25m x 2m



As each individual’s watch runs at a different speed, one’s time can be conveyed unpredictably even if people share the same thought. People may have the same senses even though it is daytime in a place where one stays while it is dawn in a place where the other stays. The Time Zone series represents the concept of time in a relative thinking through a three dimensional expression of the hands of a clock as the medium with a vivid presence. 

The series is a concrete representation of the messages time conveys while interpreting the sundial’s analog principle and the motor’s mechanism. The hands of a clock in this series refer to different times, displaying the mechanism of a clock with the shadows of those hands.

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