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Sound Object for Y.B.C.C: Young Bird Care Center

Sound Object for Y.B.C.C: Young Bird Care Center

Speaker, LED light, Arduino, electronic device 400*400*1200 (mm) 9ea_ variable installation




Busan Moca Platform_collectiong ingrediants 2023

The ‘Y.B.C.C’ propose a "Bird Incubator" to birds. The ‘Y.B.C.C Bird Incubator’ serves as a nurturing center for birds that have not adapted well to the rapid changes in climate and urban development, fostering communication between humans and birds. Based on research on the ecosystem of migratory birds in Eulsukdo, the  Bird Incubator proposes an optimized habitat and form for a variety of migratory birds, although different from the existing avian conservation centers in terms of structure. The artwork suggests a scenario where birds are protected for two weeks, including the process of ‘fostering young birds’ (the process of moving nests for young birds to train for flight, etc.). The virtual bird incubator implemented as a hologram in the artwork is successfully nurtured within the state-of-the-art bird's nest of ‘Y.B.C.C,’ which consists of sound objects and installations that output data collected directly from migratory birds in Eulsukdo. This is showcased through a narrative movie utilizing visualizing AI and Chat GPT. ‘Y.B.C.C: The Young Bird Care Center’ aims to propose technological art pieces based on reality to assist birds that cannot find a safe nesting place or establish a habitat due to changes in temperature, completing a nurturing system for birds through research on settlement, nurturing, and flight in the artwork.

Commissioned by
Busan Moca Platform_collectiong ingrediants 2023


Worked with

Joo Young Oh

Do Yeon Kim

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