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stainless steel, acrylic, magnet, DC motor, LED light, Arduino, sensor

6.5m x 6.5m x 2.25m



ACC_R Creators in Lab Showcase, Asia Culture Center

Diapason is a musical instrument which occupies space through sound, an interactive sound kinetic artwork which interacts with the visitors to create a cascade of sounds without speakers. The work uses the kinetic sound generating module and the physical frequency-playing devices which create sounds by using the tension of string, magnets, and motors, reinterpreting them into sounds and lights. It is an analog instrument that vibrates metal strings with the magnetic field formed by the spinning magnetic disc and the speed of a disc is controlled by an Arduino with the sensors. As a result, the visitors will experience an encounter with the environment and space.


A sculptural frequency player has visitors imagine a familiar process as they walk into a performance. Among surrounding elements such as a motor’s rotation speed and temperature, audience members play a musical instrument discovering the resonance frequencies each string and magnetism engender. This variation is generated by mechanical operations and magnetic fields, a natural physical phenomenon performed in the space.


In terms of concept, this work is not to flaunt any technical, mechanical ability but to physically convey invisible digital phenomena through “an action of hearing sound”. It may be so common in the natural world that our experiences through the five senses are brought to mind not by language but by sound and light. When we realize that this has to be achieved by many artists’ imagination and technical capability, our digital world more actively awakens humanity’s physical sense and ability.

Worked with Kim Yousuk, Park Sungmin

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