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stainless steel, steel, aluminum, DC motor, LED light

90 x 90 x 170 - 180 (cm)


Just as the events and contradictions that are caused by the unpredictability of the unforeseen naturally exist in our lives, the light seeps into the space occupied by waves that move up and down on the mechanical organism and reflective surfaces. The technique of movement is not only a means – we eventually return to the fundamental attempts and approaches.

When people form relationships they carefully keep a psychological distance and build up a wall in their minds. However, that wall is something that can be broken down by personal and internal circumstances. Individuals have different wants and things to give each other. 


The uncertainty of communication makes us worry that we might not understand each other and thus feel the sense of loss, or that we might be burdened with a name of attachment and consideration. However, the obstacle of illusory effort is only temporary and is disarmed by internal and private occasions belonging in a small category. The wall is a medium of variability opposing the inner path, not the one that can be determined as an object of severance. 

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