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Point Zero #001

Point Zero

thermometer, LED light, mix-media installation

60cm x 60cm x 170cm


Light installation used by 300 thermometers.


An object becomes important in the moment when the object lends meaning to it and attracts attention. The serialized work Point Zero is a visual representation of the influence on an object by the appellations given to it by an individual or a society as in the Pygmalion effect or the placebo effect.


A new “pain” comes into being every day. This is a pain in the heart such as depression, sociophobia, insomnia, or other syndromes. It may be hereditary, caused by stress, or an excuse to cover up problems. We should not define one in an abnormal spiritual state as ill or a black sheep. Their difference becomes serious when we name this state and accept this seriously. What harasses us in our surroundings can be dissolved when we realize that it is not a problem. Meaning arises when we pay attention to such objects. Objects bathed in light become a driving force that keeps me moving. An object is of growing importance when it becomes an object of attention just as the air temperature rises by heat from a chandelier in Point Zero. Point Zero literally means zero-point energy referring to the most unstable, vague state, signifying the individual realities of contemporary humans.

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