Plant Seed

Plant Seed

stainless steel, acrylic, dc motor, led light, sensor

2m x 2m x 2.25m


ACC_R Creators in Lab Showcase, Asia Culture Center


Plant Seed refers to the motive power that moves an individual in the connections and relationships of people. This work is a visual representation of how an individual or a group’s values are influenced and forged by those who meet at a specific place and time.


The motor works by the Arduino connected to an ultrasonic sensor as the visitor stirs up the wind when a person is within the work. A mechanical organism drifts together with the visitor when they move. This mechanical organism referencing a time of emotion has an influence on another time as it moves by one’s existence of non-existence. The organisms designed to react to the sensors move together with other organisms when they begin to rotate. The needles of time are linked to other needles of time in the structures of bearings, saw-toothed wheels, and chains, finally rotating like one forest. This movement reacts when visitors breathe into this space. The shadow like the movement of a forest is shaped when the linked needles rotate under the light.