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Plant Seed

Plant Seed

stainless steel, acrylic, DC motor, LED light, sensor

2m x 2m x 2.25m


ACC_R Creators in Lab Showcase, Asia Culture Center


The motor works by the Arduino connected to an ultrasonic sensor as the visitor stirs up the wind when a person is within the work. A mechanical organism drifts together with the visitor when they move. This mechanical organism referencing a time of emotion has an influence on another time as it moves by one’s existence of non-existence. The organisms designed to react to the sensors move together with other organisms when they begin to rotate. The hands of a clock are linked to other hands of a clock in the structures of bearings, saw-toothed wheels, and chains, finally rotating like one forest. This movement reacts when visitors breathe into this space. The shadow like the movement of a forest is shaped when the linked clocks rotate under the light. 

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