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Mechanical organisms I have engendered communicate concerns about ironic thoughts in which invisible and understanding of ambiguous feelings through objective, scientific means. As a media artist I have actively worked in a variety of mediums such as kinetic sound sculpture, interactive art and performance, awarded the Grand prize of the installation section by the Art Asia  A-STUDIO emerging artist competition, also taking part in the Asia Culture Center residency and the Artience Daejeon festival.


Technology in generating mechanic organisms has some logical function that has a profound influence on the process of creation. An artistic grammar, however, has its strength in the dead zone of logic where reason loses its force. I study the point of intersection and interface where technology and art coexist through visual, auditory, and tactile interactive media. Technical organisms filter into visitors in a space where they are in a connection and circulate like incidents and contradictions caused by each individual’s undefinable, unpredictable thought.

The equilibrium point of analog sounds in a Sensitivity Instrument and electrical, digital elements absorbing vibrations is explored through an interaction with visitors. My work seeks to forge tactile, auditory sculptures in which intangible, invisible sensations are sensed by naturally employing environmental sounds hidden in the tension between time and thing as well as human and medium.


My work will start with fundamental questions and approaches we often overlook in our rapidly changing society. My work seeks to explore contradictory aspects in our brains considered most rational and incarnate these factors vividly couched in synesthetic glossaries based on observation of the relations between nature and science. 

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